Eureka Chapter American Rhododendron Society


Merchandise for Sale

Order through our website

Eureka Chapter Sweatshirts and T-shirts can be ordered through the web site by printing the attached Order Form and submitting to:

Eureka Chapter Merchandise Order
1234 Rhody Lane
Eureka, CA 95560

Purchase at chapter meetings

You can purchase merchandise at the monthly society meetings.

Merchandise Size Options Price List
Sweatshirt X-Large $20.00
  Large $20.00
  Medium $20.00
  Small $20.00
T Shirt: Long Sleeve X-Large $15.00
  Large $15.00
  Medium $15.00
  Small $15.00
T Shirt: Short Sleeve X-Large $10.00
  Large $10.00
  Medium $10.00
  Small $10.00

Merchandise available through*

You can also purchase a wide variety of merchandise through

*A free way to support the ARS: To support the ARS, if you go to the before making an online purchase, ARS benefits! For example: When you access or another participating merchant from the ARSStore links, you get the same low price and a referral fee from every sale goes to the American Rhododendron Society. All commissions on referral (4% - 25%) will go directly to the ARS, as an IRS 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization.